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Financial Advice

We can put you in touch with someone who has an agency with many different insurance companies and can advise you on the best options available to you.


Life Insurance

The type and amount of Life Insurance you choose should be based on your individual circumstances and requirements. Typically, it’s important to have Life Insurance in place as the loss of your income will have a financial impact on others.

    A life insurance pay-out can ensure:
  • your mortgage is paid off when you die and your family home is debt free
  • funeral expenses and any outstanding debts may be cleared
  • your dependants will be in a better position to cope
    There are a number of different types of Life Insurance available:
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Term Insurance
  • Income on Death Benefit (sometimes known as Family Income Benefit)
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • We can point you in the right direction for advice.


Income Protection

Income Insurance, also known as income protection provides you with a replacement income if you cannot work as a result of an illness or injury after a certain period of time. You can take out income insurance if you are in full-time work or are self-employed and earn an income. It protects you only in these circumstances. It will not be paid if you become unemployed. You must keep up your payments to stay on cover.

Payments on your plan are eligible for income tax relief at your marginal rate of tax. However, if you do claim on this plan, your income protection benefit will be treated as normal income and so is assessed for income tax, PRSI and the universal social charge.

We can put you in touch with someone that can help you decide on the best insurance products for your needs.

Investment Advice

Investment Advice

Investment advice very often comes from the providers themselves, eg. Banks. We can put you in touch with someone who can offer you a wider range of products from several providers.

They will offer our clients clear and genuine advice on investments in accordance with their needs:

  • What do you need from your investment?
  • What type of investment product is suitable for your needs?
  • How much security do you need for your investment?
  • What level of risk are you willing to accept?

Why not contact us for further information.

Investment Advice

Pension Planning

When you stop working, you will need to replace your wage or salary with a retirement pension. You need a pension plan to supplement the State Pension. A pension plan is a special type of savings plan designed to build up a 'pot of money' for your retirement years. Your regular contributions enjoy attractive tax saving breaks which reduce the cost to you. If you pay income tax at the 40% rate on some of your income, the net cost of every €100 you invest in your pension is €60. The tax treatment is different if the pension contributions are paid by your company.

The value of your retirement fund can go up or down and it is important to be patient and understand the nature and reasons for the movement in your retirement fund.

We can put you in touch with someone who can advise you on setting up a pension plan suitable for you.

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