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You want what is best for you and your family. Some forward planning can achieve this. Why not give us a call to see how we can help you.

We can advise you on

  • Capital Gains Tax/Gift, Inheritance Tax, Personal Tax Returns, Tax Credits, State Pension, PRSI, Shares, Dividends & Residency
  • Rental Income, Airbnb, Rent a Room Relief, Tax Return requirements
  • Retirement/Redundancy, Pensions, Succession Planning, Termination payments
  • Family Financial Planning

    Family Tax Advice

    Do you receive dividends? Have you received a gift that is liable to Gift Tax? Have you sold a property/shares? Is there capital gains tax due? Do you have non PAYE income? Do you need to register for income tax? In all cases, you need to inform Revenue.

    Are you paying the correct PRSI contributions? We can advise you.

    Are you resident/non-resident for tax? Did you know that if you are resident, you pay Irish tax on your worldwide income?

      We can advise you on
    • Capital Acquisitions Tax (Gift, Inheritance Tax)
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Personal Tax Return
    • Tax Credits (Have you claimed all yours)?
    • Residency (Resident/Non Resident)
    • Contributory Old Age Pension (State Pension)
    • PRSI Contributions
    • Dividends and Shares


    Rental Income

    Did you receive rental income? Do you need advice on the following?

    • Property Rental
    • Air bnb Income
    • Rent a Room Relief Income
    • Tax Return Requirements

    In all cases, you are obliged to file a tax return with Revenue. Do you need advice on filing a return?



    Succession and forward planning are a vital aspect of your long term strategy. You may find pension planning confusing and the return on your investment difficult to understand. We can put you in touch with someone who can help explain it all. Do you know your entitlements if being made redundant?

      If you need advice on the following, give us a call:
    • Redundancy & Termination payment
    • Succession Planning – Estate


    Financial Advice

      Products include:
    • Life Insurance
    • Income Protection
    • Investment advice
    • Pension Plans

    Contact us for further information.

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